Sailing in narrow passages

Harbour and channel navigation is one of the most delicate phases for skippers. The WAVE MARINE radio remote control will allow you to manoeuvre the boat by yourself from the most suitable position and the best point of view. A traditional stationary control console does not give you some of the benefits of the hand-held radio remote.


This WAVE MARINE radio remote control allows you to moor by yourself in absolute safety conditions, from any place of the boat. You can control the right and left engines and the bow and stern propellers. Simply choose the most suitable point of view and approach comfortably the harbour’s wharf.

Bitting the ropes

While keeping the complete control of your boat at your fingers, you can approach the wharf and secure or recover the ropes with extreme simplicity, by adjusting its trajectory from your transmitter with small engine corrections. This high control capability will also help reduce the possibility of collisions.


Thanks to this hand-held radio remote, you can stand at the bow and raise or drop the anchor, while keeping an eye at a safe anchorage and at the presence of other boats.

Download the data sheet for further information and technical data.

IMET: security over 30 years

IMET has been designing and manufacturing radio remote controls over 30 years for unnumbered application fields, that require extremely high safety standards, like the ones of industry and mining.

Safety has always been at first place for IMET, thus ensuring absolute reliability to its customers. Both, the transmitter and receiver, have doubled microprocessor circuits and work accordingly with the redundancy and self cross-diagnostic criteria.

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